Come and Ring!

recruitment_posterThe Garlickhythe Guild of Change Ringers was established in August 2012 to train people in the art of ringing the bells in the English style of change ringing. We meet every Thursday evening at the church between 6:30 and 8pm. We normally continue the social theme in the local pub afterwards.

Anyone is welcome to come along and learn, but be warned, it is addictive!

We also welcome visiting ringers to the practice night, and normally have a string of visitors from all over the country and indeed the world who come and ring with the local ringers.

The bells are also available for bands of ringers to visit at other times for outings, quarter peals and peals. Many people and organisations worked hard to see the bells come to St James Garlickhythe to add to the London tradition of bells ringing out over the city in celebration.

Once gained, bell ringing is a skill for life you’ll never forget and can open up a lifetime of experiences and
enjoyment. There are five stages from beginner to experienced ringer and at all stages
you’re helped out by a personal tutor and other capable bell ringers.

Level 1 – Bell Handling

The first stage in learning to ring is to develop the skills to ‘handle’ the bell. That means the technique to control the bell using the rope. This is done on a one-to-one basis with your instructor. You will usually be taught each of the two movements, or ‘strokes’, in ringing separately and then helped to put them together. The technique is all about holding the rope correctly, moving with it and catching the rope at the right place and time.

Level 2 – Foundation Skills

Bell ringing is all about working as part of a team, so once you can ‘handle’ your bell you are quickly introduced to ringing with the rest of the ‘band’ of ringers. The key skills learnt are the ability to watch and listen to the ringing to know when you pull and sound your bell and to be able to vary the pace of your ringing to fit in with the group.

level3Level 3 – Start change ringing

To get the most out of bell ringing, the challenges lie in change ringing. This is when bell ringers follow a pattern called a method, where the bells change the order in which they strike each time.
You’ll learn about the structure of methods, how to remember them and how to move the place in the order that your bell strikes. There is often some theory and reading to do, but your tutor and the band will help out with advice. You will also learn additional skills such as preparing the bells for ringing and setting them safely ‘down’ again.

 Level 4 – Developing change ringing skills

Once you have grasped the key skills of change ringing, there are more complicated patterns of methods to learn and also variations to existing ones you know. There is a world of opportunity to learn new things, and using the clever approach bell ringers have to memorise the pattern it is not even too difficult!

First peals peal boardLevel 5 – Become an experienced bell ringer

You finish the end of your learning to ring process by taking part in an extended period of bell ringing, usually about 45 minutes, which is then recorded in the official journal. There are then thousands more methods to discover, places to visit and new ringers to meet across the world

If you are interested in learning to ring, or to visit, please contact the Tower Captain, Dickon Love.